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 Dancing Monica's Celebrity Photos

Brooke Shields....Good Morning

Brooke Shields Looks Pissed Off


Brooke to Be a Bride Again Brooke & Chris Henchy (first pics) together

Brooke Shields is getting married again, but don't ask where or when. As to whom, the lucky guy is Chris Henchy, 37, a producer of NBC's late "Battery Park" series. "He took her away for the weekend and asked her on Saturday night. I don't really know any of the details, but she did say, 'Yes,' " the star's publicist, Mia Ricchiuti, told the Associated Press. Shields and Henchy were reportedly vacationing in Mexico when he popped the question. Weeks ago, a big clue surfaced from New York jeweler Stephen Russell, when he told the press that he had designed "an antique cushion-cut diamond (engagement) ring set in platinum and diamond mounting" for the couple. Shields, 35, was previously married to tennis star Andre Agassi (who's now dating Steffi Graf). Brooke filed for divorce on April 9, 1999, 10 days short of their second anniversary. Dueling careers were said to be the cause. Shields began dating Henchy shortly after her divorce was finalized.

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