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Dancing Monica's Celebrity Photos 

Dancing Monica's Celebrity Photos

Original & Candid Pictures Of Famous Women

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Jessica Alba Dark Angel's sex kitten/poser

Gillian Anderson pushing her luggage cart at the airport

Pamela Anderson having coffee, another on the VIP set, 1 with her kids, 1 with Tommy Lee, and a great shot of her kissing her long-time lover, professional surfer Kelly Slater

Jennifer Aniston taking pix, pre-wedding pic w/Brad Pitt

Christina Applegate Not Married...No Children

Roseanne Barr sings the blues

Drew Barrymore at tea time + 1 with Luke Wilson

Annette Bening with Warren Beatty

Sandra Bullock with her arms full with shopping bags

Brooke Burns one getting a haircut and one with Julian

Mariah Carey out-take photograph from a video shoot

Neve Campbell looking good, as usual+1 with Cusack

Naomi Campbell interview photo

Charlie's Angels past, present and future

Cher pictures, books, CD's, movies and workout videos

Helena Christensen pictued holding her baby

Hillary Clinton News news page

Darva Conger ...Who wants to marry a creep?

Courtney Cox runway pose

Cindy Crawford looking very sexy in this one

Jamie Lee Curtis looking as plain as can be or is she

Cameron Diaz there's something about her

Claire Daines with Ben Lee. He's a gem , huh?

Ellen DeGeneres hanging out with Anne Heche

Portia DeRossi 2 photos of this Ally McBeal co-star

Laura Dern with Billy Bob Thorton

Minnie Driver hanging around Los Angeles

Carmen Electra dancing at the Key Club in Los Angeles

Farrah Fawcett washed-up or what?

Linda Flavin... with Sly Stallone...yawn

Calista Flockhart with a plate of food + her dog

Jodie Foster setting the standard for Homo's everywhere

Sarah Michelle Gellar w/ dog & 1 wi/ Freddy Prinze Jr.

Leeza Gibbons glamour babe

Melanie Griffith showing off her Antonio tattooo

Jerry Hall on the beach with Mick Jagger

Darryl Hannah no JFK

Goldie Hawn in funny shoes & kissing Steve Martin

Salma Hayek A little latina firecracker, Señor?

Anne Heche hanging out with Ellen DeGeneres

Jennifer Love Hewitt hanging her tongue out

Helen Hunt being casual

Kate Hudson with her Hollywood Mom

Rachel Hunter with Rod Stewart and their kids

Kristen Johnston all bundled up

Ashley Judd moving right along

Nicole Kidman trying to act normal, another with Tom

Linda Kozlowski Crocidile Dundee's Wife

Shauna Lamas a real-life Barbie Doll

Brooke Langton posing with Keanu Reeves

Lucy Lawless posing for the camera + one showing off

Jane Leeves Daphne, from TV's "Frasier"

Janet Leigh starlett from another era

Tea Leoni with her new baby on the beach

Lucy Liu what a sexy picture

Heather Locklear walking in cleavage city, one as mom

Jennifer Lopez Latin America...Ole

Courtney Love in the crowd during a Hole concert

Sophia Loren such the timeless beauty

Madonna drunk in a limo, another in a see-through top

Marilyn Monroe your basic Norma Jean tribute page

Kate Moss supermodels... ho hum

Jenny McCarthy without make-up or anything

Kelly Preston with husband John Travolta

Elle McPherson looks good no matter what

Debra Messing Grace from television's Will & Grace

Karen Mulder dancing the night away

Jody O'Keefe looking yummy in that bathing suit

Gwyneth Paltrow has her Jockey underwear showing

Vanessa Paradis kissing Johnny Depp must be cool

Michele Pheiffer enjoying refreshments after Yoga class

Lisa Marie Presley the Princess; daughter of the King

Julia Roberts relaxing by the pool... in pazarazzi hell

Meg Ryan with Dennis Quaid and their son Jack

Winona Ryder Shh... Everybody likes her.

Brooke Shields pissed off - 1 With New Hubby

Dr. Laura Schlessinger audio tapes, books & satire

Adriana Sklenarikova the Wonder-Bra model

Britney Spears a brilliant looking on-stage picture

Tori Spelling fascinating isn't she?...NOT

Barabara Streisand One Of Hollywood's Elite Few

Sharon Stone being harassed by French photohraphers

Mena Suvari seen shopping with Robert Brinkman

Hillary Swank Boys would cry if all women looked like this

Shania Twain sexy picture taken during a press interview

Dr Ruth Westheimer Sex on horseback?

Peta Wilson La Femme Nikita

Reese Witherspoon Mommy Dearest

Who Is This? we're just not sure 

Renee Zellwegger on the beach with Jim Carrey

Catherine Zeta-Jones looking good as usual

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