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 CherCher At The Trash book review of: THE FIRST TIME by Cher

Sonny Bono once said that Cher was so stupid that she thought the moon was the back side of the sun. Well, if he had lived to read this book he would be eating those very mean words. Cher had many first times in her life, and she puts them all down on paper here. For example, Cher shares her thoughts on politics in the section entitled"My First Allergic Reaction to Republicans."Here, she comments that Jackie Kennedy was much better looking than Mamie Eisenhower. How could anyone vote for Nixon, wonders Cher, when he was so"creepy"and his wife was"pinchy-faced"?

But Cher thinks about more than just politics. There's also the first time she had sex with an Italian, the first time she had sex with a"bad boy"and the first time she had sex with a"mook."Cher even has something to say about clothing. If you're looking for a book that's hard to read, look elsewhere, but if you want the inside scoop on the depths of Cher's thoughts, served up in one-page essays, this is the book for you. Order Now

Believe: Cher's most recent CD release

Cher's recording career has long taken a back seat to her acting pursuits, but with Believe she's back with a vengeance as a throbbing disco diva. Although no fewer than five producers with dance pedigrees are along for the project (including Todd Terry, Junior Vasquez of Madonna fame, and Rob Dickins, who helped resurrect Rod Stewart's ailing career), this is by no means a dance album in the '90s trip-hop sense of the term. Rather, it's a tour de force that summons mid-'70s images of strobe-lighted dance floors, sequined miniskirts, and writhing bodies.


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