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Jerry Hall with Mick Jagger


In the words of an old Rolling Stones hit, it's all over now.

She stated that while Jagger was a great father, he had been a terrible husband.

Mick Jagger and his former wife Jerry Hall appear to have finally consigned their 22-year relationship to history -- but in sharply contrasting styles. While British newspapers carried pictures of 57-year-old Jagger dancing the night away with a string of young women at show business parties in London over the last week, Hall was featured enjoying a quiet break on the other side of the Atlantic with steady boyfriend George Waud.

Hall and Jagger's stormy relationship ended in 1999 after Brazilian model Luciana Morad disclosed she had given birth to a son by Jagger. The revelation was the final straw for Texan supermodel Hall, who filed for divorce from the Lothario rocker.

Jagger and Hall, who have four children, remained close however and were often pictured out on the town together. Jagger only moved out of the marital home late last year -- and then to a neighboring property -- fuelling rumors of an eventual reconciliation.

Hall, 44, who has been dating Waud for the past 18 months, said in January that she was very happy with the 33-year-old, Los Angeles-based British film producer. "He is way way, way too young for me, but there it is. Gotta go with the flow."

Jerry Hall's Mother Horrified by Strip Scene

LONDON - Jerry Hall revealed that her mother begged her not to take the part of Mrs. Robinson in the stage version of ``The Graduate'' because the role involves her stripping naked.

The model-turned-actress said her 73-year-old mother Marjie was ``horrified'' when she heard her daughter was going to strip in the show, which is currently playing at the Gielgud Theater in London's West End. Remembering when Nicole Kidman caused a stir when she appeared naked in a West End production of ``The Blue Room.'' The 44-year-old Texan told the Mirror tabloid her mother called her ex-husband, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and said: ``How can my daughter do things like that. She's a mother of four, she's been to events with the Royal Family. Now she's going to ruin it all.''

Hall admitted to being nervous at stripping in front of an audience -- which takes all of eight seconds and is shrouded in shadow -- but said her first nude scene ended up being one of the most memorable nights of her life. She described the first night as ``pandemonium,'' with photographers hanging over the balcony and standing in the stalls to get a photo of her naked. ``I was annoyed. Playboy had offered me a million dollars to pose nude, which I had turned down, and these guys were getting it for free,'' Hall said.

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