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Beauty From England Minnie Driver


Minnie Driver was educated at the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, She found stage work and jobs in British television almost immediately after completing her drama degree in 1991. Folks back home in England have criticized Driver for "going Hollywood," but let it be said that she is in no danger of going on the dole: the sparkling ingenue further upped her exposure &emdash; with a role opposite Christian Slater in the actioner Hard Rain; and she charmed audiences both young and old as the voice of Jane in Disney's 1999 animated version of Tarzan. Though her starring turn as a 19th-century Sephardic Jew who masquerades as a gentile in order to gain employment with a Scottish family in the 1998 drama The Governess provided a refreshing departure from her perennial employment as the starry-eyed girlfriend, the art-house film was largely overlooked at the box office. She was back to the romantic fold for Return to Me in 2000, co-starring opposite David Duchovny.

Driver had denied reports that she'd been engaged to get married to "Mod Squad" actor Josh Brolin. The couple did work together on the film Slow Burn, which Driver and her sister Kate produced. Hunky Josh is the son of James Brolin, which means Barbra Streisand would be Driver's step mother-in-law if the couple ever does tie the knot.

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