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Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston in Baby 'Negotiations'

LONDON (Reuters) - Film heartthrob Brad Pitt says marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston is ``great'' and that the two are making plans to have babies.  ``Marriage is great. It's made me feel very good about taking this kind of journey together with a terrific woman who wants to share my life and share the journey with me,'' he said. 

Pitt told the Sunday Express magazine in an interview: ``The planning is under way, negotiations are taking place, and I'm willing to predict a successful conclusion.'' Earlier this year, Pitt appeared more cautious about fatherhood in an interview with Details magazine in the United States. ``I'm still a little selfish...I'm sure I'll (expletive) them up somehow,'' he said then. But now the star, named as People magazine's ``Sexiest Man Alive'' a record-breaking two times, declares: ``I believe in the concept of marriage and family and it's always been my intention to take this step and build a life with someone.''

Pitt is wary of the media, particularly after a tabloid newspaper published a picture of him and his former partner Gwyneth Paltrow frolicking naked on a beach. He admits he has created a protective wall around his relationship to Aniston, who he married last year. ``At certain points in my life I could honestly not believe how huge the whole media frenzy became,'' he said, ``...Now I don't care anymore, because I realize that it's not personal -- you're just a vehicle for the notion of celebrity.'' He said his good looks and adoring fans make him feel permanently ``like a girl walking past construction workers.''

In his latest movie, ``The Mexican,'' Pitt stars with Julia Roberts. ``I loved the story and the character and the fact that it was an opportunity to work with Julia Roberts,'' he said. ``We'd been looking off and on for a project to do together. We both jumped on the chance to do a film that was low-budget and not exactly a mainstream kind of comedy.'' The film cost $40 million to make, a sum that would have been almost swallowed up by the two stars' salaries if they had not taken pay cuts. 

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