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Forget TV. After going through the wringer with her low-rated syndicated talk show -- which looks to be finally closing down after two lackluster seasons -- Roseanne is expanding her horizons to the World Wide Web, where she's planning her own webcasts. "The Internet is a place for freedom," she told The Washington Post. "I'm uncensored, and it's worldwide . . . I felt like I was a pioneer on television, and now I look forward to being a pioneer on the Internet." In other areas of her life, Roseanne, 47, told The Post that she looks forward to becoming a grandmother in six weeks. After divorcing Tom Arnold, she married former bodyguard Ben Thomas. She's lost 75 pounds and had a face lift, tummy tuck and breast work over the past two years. "I'm going to be posing nude for Playboy," she joked, "They're paying me seven figures." 


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